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Rainy Day Blues- well, Blue Curacao anyway

After a too brief beach visit to the Jersey shore on Wednesday(long story), this Jersey girl is missing ocean breezes and the feeling of sand under her toes. Knowing the beach season is coming to an end has me feeling blue and maybe I’ll just have a fun blue cocktail with Blue Curacao to perk me up.

Butler, the perpetual puppy, sits guard over a pair of my beach flip flops expectantly because he knows when I leave him with a sitter there will be many treats. Let’s face it, anytime is a good time for treats when you’re an impish Chinese Crested dog that’s too busy learning circus style tricks to figure out how to chase his own tail. There will be treats, that much we can be sure of.

As for the cocktail while I find a good book to sink my bookworm teeth into, lets make a Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Recipe:

1 fl. oz. Vodka- Belvedere if you got it

1 fl. oz. Blue Curacao

1/3 fl. oz. lemon juice

1/3 fl. oz. lime juice

Add 7-Up or other lemon lime soda to fill glass and garnish with starfruit slice and a green cherry. Have it with your favorite beach snacks and great book.

Here’s the reminder- Please use caution when drinking any alcohol beverage. We want to keep you partying and living life, so don’t drink and drive and don’t engage in any risky behavior. Save the SSC or RISK for a sober moment 😉

Laws Are Meant to Protect Citizens (yes, even women)

Medicine health care contraception and birth control.

For my readers, I had to take a moment to say my peace. We will resume our normally gleeful book and cocktail/mocktail banter on later posts. As a woman, a rape survivor, PTSD lifer, and mother of five children that used reproductive technologies(yes, I had some help staying pregnant after pregnancy loss, my rainbow babies), and former nurse I feel it important to take a moment to pursue the matter of women’s reproductive health with you.

Roe vs. Wade has hit the media again via a leaked memo. SCOTUS may be considering a reversal of that landmark decision in 1973. What does it mean for the women you know?

First and foremost, a reversal of Roe vs. Wade would put the decision about whether to offer a safe medical abortion, up to the fetal age of viability, completely in the hands of the individual states, though some states have already been electing to limit access to those services, so some will argue that nothing will change. Phooey! Read on.

Let’s consider this all the way down the ridiculous. Various forms of contraception including ‘the pill’ and IUDs, hormone replacement, even certain chemotherapeutic agents and medications may be withheld or denied to women that are of childbearing age as they can affect fetal growth or hasten demise of fetal tissue. I’m using the word fetus, for several reason, the first being that if a woman and her unborn child are killed you’re not looking at a double homicide but homicide and feticide(if they can manage that), so let’s go with fetus for now.

The Physician’s Desk Reference lists drugs as various categories for pregnancy from basically no known risk to severe risk for the fetus, I’m simplifying it here but stay with me. I’m not going to quote them, you can verify all of this for yourself. There are conditions where a drug may be used to save the life of the mother that may carry risks to the fetus. When those medications are used, it is with the foresight of what could happen but deemed medically necessary. Similarly, let’s consider what happens when a fetus jeopardizes the health of the mother. Should we impose a medical risk on a women that may be carrying a fetus that is or isn’t viable? Where do we draw the line to make that decision?

If a state bans all medical abortions, then any medication that could potentially effect the fetus in a negative way or potentially have a negative outcome could be taken away or withheld until such time as the fetus is delivered. We are looking at everything from antifungal medications used to treat yeast infections, common in pregnancy due to hormone changes, all the way over to anti-seizure medications. and this isn’t even pushing the envelope, but simply following a bad decision to its inevitable conclusion.

By limiting access to lifesaving medications, we are essentially dooming women that have gotten pregnant whether they wanted to carry the fetus to term and send it off to college or not. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, right?

But wait, there’s more. Remember how I said I was going to push the envelope to the ridiculous… well, notwithstanding that a woman that has been raped could potentially have to carry the fetus to term, talk about PTSD, not only did she lack control over her own body at the moment she was raped but lost control of it for the next nine months while she’d be forced to carry a rapist’s progeny, but let’s think about her basic medical needs. She may have been on medication for a pre-existing medical condition that she would have to forgo because she was inseminated against her will that may put her life at risk because an injustice was done to her not only on the part of the rapists but the state courts. Not seeming so ridiculous, right?

Wait, it gets better. If she died and the fetus made it to the age of viability it could, theoretically, be saved to grow up in foster care (a ward of the state) one day finding out that it’s mother was essentially medically terminated for the greater good and its father was a rapist. Lovely family tree.

But we’re not done yet. That’s just one ridiculous, seemingly farfetched scenario, or is it? We are putting the fate of every female in the country, born or unborn, into the hands of states that may agree or disagree with how fetal tissue of any kind may be treated and what restrictions are placed upon the individual in direct possession of such fetal tissue, essentially making the female uterus property of the state and subject to abide by it’s terms. Think about how this will also extend to medical technologies that use fetal stem cells, sorry, off on a tangent.

Now, let’s go back to medication for a second, because how many post menopausal females are on hormone replacement to avoid osteoporosis and other changes associated with low estrogen? Well, that number is probably higher than you’d think. From my recollection, it was over forty percent. Say goodbye to strong bones and an active lifestyle if states decide to take away estrogen because it doesn’t fit into the plan and could prevent pregnancies. Add cancer survivors that have used some chemotherapeutic agents to that number and need hormone replacement, even if they used them as children for conditions like leukemia or non hodgkin’s lymphoma.

How many transwomen are on hormone replacement? Should we venture a guess? Well, what do you think would happen to their access to hormone replacement if states are unchecked? Should we talk big-pharma and health plans, too? The entire shit show teeters down the mountain of imprisonment, depersonalization, and oppression, and we’re not just talking about uteruses here.

Shouldn’t we also bring into this women’s reproductive health and their access to doctors, midwives, medical care and more. What will happen to a doctor or midwife if a fetus dies in utero or during delivery? What will happen to the woman carrying the aforementioned fetus? How many more women are going to be jailed for having a miscarriage? ’cause it’s happened before. Given that around twenty percent of pregnancies can end in miscarriage, I think we’ll see a lot more women incarcerated and probably everyone in the hospital or birthing facility from the janitor up to the board sued at the very least for their involvement however trivial(that’s how it works).

This is just the tip of the iceberg, because we haven’t even traversed down to what lies under the water and how those changes will affect everything else. What about the right to decide you don’t want to have any children and make permanent changes to the body? Are we going to stop tubal ligations and vasectomies next? We’re not just looking at a potential return to back alley abortions, but depriving citizens of their Constitutional rights, something SCOTUS is expected to upheld.

Not trying to sound paranoid here, but in a system that vilifies women for exercising authority over their own bodies and transwomen for doing the same, how can we not act to ensure their safety when the threat of oppression and servitude is so real and so close? Can we sit idly by while women are stripped of their Constitutional right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

I’m not even taking sides about whether this is right or wrong, just stating the obvious. Having choices means you have the freedom to decide for yourself what is right and wrong and live your life accordingly. Taking away someone else’s choices, could be disastrous for everyone.

Before anything else gets leaked from SCOTUS, be ready for the next election. You have power, vote to protect those you love.

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Butler the Perpetual Puppy

Some days Autoimmune Disease can make life unbearable. You make and change social plans and find yourself unmotivated to do anything else. Changes in weather, fluctuating hormones, stress(even excitement), and so many other factors can be a game changer before you have time to realize what happened.

Fortunately for me, a cute doggie comes and looks at me with a pair of soulful eyes. He brings me a squeaky toy or his favorite toy, knotted rope, and changes my day for the better. On the days I can’t do much more than sit on the couch, he’ll curl around my back keeping my lumbar region warmer than a heating pad.

Sometimes I think I waited too long to bring a dog home to live with me and my family, but most of the time I think I was just waiting for Butler.

For tonight, Butler will be drinking spring water and so will I. Work on the bod and the mind whenever you can.

Spring forward

Butler and I are anxious for the onset of Spring. It’s been a long Winter and we are so close to shaking off the long coats(even Butler) and embracing the sunshine.

Remember to set your clocks forward this weekend and hopefully brave the last of the snow we’ll see in 2022.

As for me, I’ll be sitting in a cozy chair, cuddling Butler, with a book in my hands while the snow falls. Hope you have something good to read. If not, please check out our previous authors.

Knot A Criminal

Tonight’s featured book is Knot A Criminal from Eden Freed’s All Tied Up In Knots Series. Scroll down to see tonight’s cocktail and a note from the author, herself.

Holly is on the run from the past that involves a double homicide. She has no recollection of the events and wants to keep it in the past for a reason, she might just be the killer.
Focusing on the future has Holly hopeful to learn pyrotechnics from a master of more than one skill. As she begins to fall for him, her past starts catching with her. Now, she is torn between her desire for love and the fear of what she might be capable of.

From Eden-

I’ve always considered myself to be a people watcher., but at best you only observe a small piece of their story. Imagination has to fill in the gaps. Could the people a few feet away from you in a shopping center be a couple in love, people going about their daily routine, spies, or aliens… whatever they are is left up to the flights of fancy your mind wants to take you on, no basis in reality required. Often we draw our own conclusions based on our own real world scenarios, hopefully none of them involve aliens, but I won’t judge either way.

The hardest thing to do is get people to stick to each other like magnets and if you’ve ever tried to fix up two of your friends or associates, you know what I’m talking about. You might push them in the right direction and find out their poles didn’t align and they just bounce off of each other. I do the same thing when I write, seek out the couples that need to flip around until they just fit right and connect in a way that is meaningful and lasting.

Knot A Criminal is the second full length BDSM novel in the All Tied Up In Knots Series. A little mystery, a lot of kink, and some New York excitement all go into making this book an interesting read. I hope you enjoy Holly and Johnathon’s adventure as much I did writing their story for you.

Excerpt from Knot A Criminal

“It was my fault. I shouldn’t have bragged that I could do it blindfolded with my hands behind my back. I didn’t expect him to take me up on it.” From a distance DJ Sean smiled at Crystal and gave a little thumbs up while picking up the coffee.

“Do exactly what blindfolded?” Crystal stood up. Her expression changed from one of curiosity to vexation. The sound of her knuckles cracking told me everything. She was getting ready to stomp over to Mr. Riley’s and let all hell break loose.

“Calm down, just the balloons,” I said and motioned for her to sit. “I made a death’s head moth and an owl.”

“Next time tell me that first. I was about to go open up a can of whoop-ass on him, boss or no boss. To think of everything that I went through to set it up so Johnathon would play you right after the interview, I’d have to go over there and stomp him into next week if this didn’t work out,” Crystal said.

“You didn’t!” I exclaimed.

“The hell I didn’t,” she laughed. “Remember when you were with Paul, how you said that you submitted an application for an interview with Johnathon Riley. I nearly pissed myself. Johnathon and I had a nice conversation about you. I never gave him your last name, so he wouldn’t know you from any other Holly on the street. Then, I made him wait until I was certain you had an interview for the job. No harm in keeping a man waiting.”

“That’s illegal at the very least, isn’t it?”

“Where you see legal issues, I see opportunity…”

Hypnotic and Absinthe make this cocktail dazzling

Tonight’s Steampunk Themed Cocktail: Blue Skies Ahead


1 ounce Absinthe

2 ounces Hypnotic- one of my absolute favorite’s to mix cocktails with

1/2 ounce sour mix

2 ounces 7-up

slice of starfruit and green cherry garnish

Fill half a glass with ice and pour in the ingredients (add the soda last for a little fizz), garnish with slice of starfruit and green cocktail cherry. It’s a simple drink with a great presentation. Remember: Drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. Be safe and have fun.

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Tomorrow we’ll be eating Pączki (traditional Polish doughnuts) sipping Hurricanes, and celebrating the last day of Mardi Gras. We’re including you in on the fun with a FREE download of King of the Mardi Gras: A Short Story From Eden’s Garden, available FREE on your Kindle App Tuesday 03/01/2022 for one day only!

Hurricane Cocktail- a rum lover’s favorite

Classic Hurricane Recipe:

2 ounces of light rum

2 ounces of dark rum

3 ounces of passion fruit juice

3 ounces of orange juice

2 tablespoons grenadine syrup

1 tablespoon lime juice (about 1/2 lime)

shake and pour into a hurricane glass filled with ice

garnish with orange slice and a cherry and serve

And while you enjoy this drink, check out the fun FREE (only on March 1st) short story below:

Excerpt: “My entire body shuddered remembering how he made me cry out with pleasure. I would never get enough of Duke Alexis, not ever, but I couldn’t keep him. With a title came expectations, duty, and obligations for nobles that interfered with little things like love.

Short Knots in a Twisted World

Hello my friends, welcome back to my Liquid Friday.

Before we jump into a book, we need to grab something strong enough to handle this kind of excitement. so how about:

A Painkiller


Ingredients: 4oz Rum, 3oz pineapple-orange juice, 1oz crème de coconut, ice, nutmeg and toasted coconut for garnish (optional) Directions: In a cocktail shaker, combine the rum, juice and coconut with ice. Shake vigorously to mix, then pour into a cocktail class. Sprinkle with nutmeg and serve.

You got it! Great!!! As you start slowly sipping it, begin to feel its effect spreading throughout your body, But wait, before you give yourself entirely to its delight, lets talk about our book.

In the All Tied Up In Knots series we have a few short reads, ideal for brief interludes with books or the Kindle app.

#2. Knot A Geek is a flirty little quick read about two geeks working in a high power Electrical Engineering lab.

#3. Knot His Superior is a quick read with kinky love triangle where rank has nothing to do with a uniform.

Next week we’ll be talking about the second full length novel in the series – a little mystery, a little kink, and a lot of sexy romance.

Witch’s Tree

This is the tree we have affectionally dubbed the witch’s tree becuase it seems a magical blessing to the animals that visit it

Since we moved to our cozy apartment, conveniently located only a couple blocks from an expansive park with a vast off-limits area to humans (deer, birds, foxes, and cats are fine) we’ve been watching the growth and decay of flora and fauna alike.

This particular specimen was more robust at one time, but has always been one of my favorites. Over the years the center has hollowed out. I’ve seen squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks take refuge in the opening at the bottom and there are always chirping warblers cavorting in its branches. During the fall, mushrooms near the base made a tasty snack for deer.

In the spring there may be nests with blue robin eggs or blackbird eggs. There will be small flowers growing around and green leaves either of its own or the creeping vines that climb up the expanse. Ants will make paths back and forth passing it by on their way. Saplings and grass shoots will try to claim their space in its shadow. Sometimes what we think of as decay is simply an abundance of life. Live fully.

All about Knot An Actress- book 1 in the All Tied Up In Knots Series

A young aspiring actress, majoring in Theater Arts in her last semester of school, must overcome mediocrity and learn to take direction in time to be discovered by a talent scout during her final performance. Her new acting coach decides to teach her direction through a non-conventional method: introduction to BDSM. Will Violet have what it takes to learn the art of role playing or will she end up on the casting couch?

Why did I write the work? Life takes us on many twists and turns and in mine I have worn more hats than a the mad hatter. I’ve been a donut froster, short order cook, dos programmer, website creator, entertainer, boo-boo kisser , IT instructor, puppy mom, and even a nose for a brief period of time- though a good bottle of wine, figs, and excellent cheddar still gets me. We’ve all struggled in some way and I, through my writing, embrace the struggle. Women in acting careers have changed the moniker to actor becuase of the difference in treatment between male and female performers. I’ve been propositioned, grabbed, and manhandled as an professional entertainer, so I get it. Sometimes you just need to live the part for a while to get through it, and sometimes you fight back.

I hope when you read this, you find cause to smile and remember the power of naivety, and some kink. Live the part!