Liquid Friday Contact

Are you interested in having your book  featured on my Liquid Friday Blog?  Here is what you need to know:

  • First you must want to promote the book (author or co-author), if you don’t we can’t really help.
  • You pick a drink and the book you want to promote.
  • Your drink should be alcoholic, but if you abstain, that’s OK too.  Just come up with a ‘virgin’ version.
  • Send me the recipe.   If you do not know it,  I’ll look it up.
  • You can add a personal touch by telling us why you like that drink, or by telling us something about it (ex:)
    • how you discovered it,
    • an interesting story associated with the drink that you want to share,
    • you do not need to write a lot, 3-5 sentences are enough. They are not required but it helps to personalize the blog in some way.
  • Send me your press kit if you have one, and/ora blurb about the book,
    • an excerpt from the book,
    • something about you,
    • or you can be lazy about it, and just give me your permission to raid your website for the above material.
  • If you want a specific Friday that relates to your book release or special promotion you are running, tell me your preference, don’t be shy, I’ll see if I can accommodate you.
  • Fridays are given out on a first come first serve basis.
  • When the post comes out, look for it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Like my author page, this way you will see it coming out.  Of course if you follow my blog, you will also know your post came out.
  • Fill out the contact form below, telling me who you are, do you have a specific Friday in mind and what book you want to promote and I will send you my contact email for the rest.
  • Oh and I almost forgot: I’ll let you know in advance which Friday will be yours.

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