Unbound Erotica with Eden Freed

Set Loose Your Dreams!  Whether your interest in Romance is sweet and serene or dark and dirty, you’ll find it here through Eden Freed’s books and blogs.

We’re pretty proud of our newest book(click the pink picture at the top), and while you wait for the main book in that series to be published (won’t be long). Check out our other authors, books, or if you need a signed copy come see us at events.

We also have other

Short Stories from Eden’s Garden with:

King of the Mardi Gras.


Eat Dessert First

These 15 minute short reads are available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.


Also enjoy my two blog posts:

  • Liquid Friday with Eden Freed, featuring  a different author and their favorite recipe every week.

  • Books worth checking out.

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