Liquid Friday 3/11/16

Today we are featuring favorite summertime recipe from Author Tara Nina (21- and over, please drink responsibly)

LIQUID prescription

Here is a little message from Tara Nina:

“Here’s my favorite summertime recipe. We make it by the gallon and it comes with a warning.  It taste so good, it goes down easy, but when you stand up, it’s gotcha. Because every time we make it someone always drinks it like it’s water and then it’s gotcha. LOL.

I’ll be at the Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference March 19th and 20th. It’s being held at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, NJ.  There will be a book signing event on Saturday from 4-6pm which is open to the public.  Come one, Come all and visit some of your favorite authors

Here’s the newest release I’ve got coming out. I’m part of an anthology titled Hot Curves Ahead.  My novella is titled Cash’s Cherry. It’s about the brother from my Christmas story Wish Upon a Christmas Star.”

cash's cherry cover

Cash’s Cherry


Tara Nina


When Cherry Adams disappears while taking an EMT call, its up to Cash Dupree and his search and rescue dog, Max, to find her, bring her home safe and show her how much she means to him. She makes him hot, hard and wanting more. He made a mistake before, running scared from the overwhelming feelings he felt for her. He’s not going to make the same mistake twice.

First, however, he has to find her.


“I’ve recently been informed that my book Escape which was included in the Alien Anthology,  is also being released as a stand alone title. It will be the first in a new Sci/fy series I’m writing  called the Paoni Warriors.”


Hell’s worst prisoner has escaped. Paoni Warrior Shia has to hunt him, kill him or join him in his battle for the truth.


“I don’t have a release date on it as of yet, but I am in full swing on the follow up novel to it.”


Tara Nina

Hot Romance~Sexy Attitude


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