Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treats for All Regardless of Age

I’m of the mind that safe holiday fun should be enjoyed by any and all that want to participate. Whether your Halloween is spent pursuing haunts or going door to door to the neighbors for guilty pleasures (those Butterfinger bars and dark chocolates are too tempting), have safe fun.

This is where I get a little preachy, and with good reason. We get a lot of teens and even adults that come by for treats. That’s just fine by me. Unless it’s raining, I’ll put out my table, dress up myself and put the Perpetual Puppy in a fun costume, and have enough treats (candy and toys) to satisfy all ages. Not all children-adults can have sweets, nuts… so I try and put some other fun things out in keeping with the holiday until the curfew sends me back inside for a nightcap.

If you choose not to participate, a little sign in the window or on the door helps the eager children, teens, and adults know to keep going to the next house. It’s a small world and though I celebrate as many holidays as I can, I get that Halloween is not everyone’s idea of fun.

Be safe either way, and watch for children crossing against lights and in between cars on the roads. If you are trick or treating stay where it is light and with a group. Don’t enter houses, no matter how tempting, and be careful of capes, long robes, and face masks when walking. Have a grown up check your candy, especially important if you have allergies.

I can’t wait to see everyone in costume. Have fun!

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