Witch’s Tree

This is the tree we have affectionally dubbed the witch’s tree becuase it seems a magical blessing to the animals that visit it

Since we moved to our cozy apartment, conveniently located only a couple blocks from an expansive park with a vast off-limits area to humans (deer, birds, foxes, and cats are fine) we’ve been watching the growth and decay of flora and fauna alike.

This particular specimen was more robust at one time, but has always been one of my favorites. Over the years the center has hollowed out. I’ve seen squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks take refuge in the opening at the bottom and there are always chirping warblers cavorting in its branches. During the fall, mushrooms near the base made a tasty snack for deer.

In the spring there may be nests with blue robin eggs or blackbird eggs. There will be small flowers growing around and green leaves either of its own or the creeping vines that climb up the expanse. Ants will make paths back and forth passing it by on their way. Saplings and grass shoots will try to claim their space in its shadow. Sometimes what we think of as decay is simply an abundance of life. Live fully.

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