Acting The Part Series

Violet Blooms

What does it take to make it in the world of show business?  Do you have to leave your dignity behind as you step onto the casting couch, or can you find your own way?  Find out in this Book 1 of the Acting the Part series.

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If you enjoyed Fifty Shades… “Violet Blooms” is a must read for you.   A lite, romantic novel gripping to the last page.

Here is an excerpt from Kaylee’s reviews on Goodreads:

Violet Blooms by Eden Freed is skillfully written and blended with hot, steamy sex scenes and a side of BDSM. I enjoyed reading about a passion that’s wild, burning, and erotic between these two characters. The story compels you to continue reading in order to uncover the ending.  … read more

Violet Blooms (Acting the Part Book 1) by Eden Freed

A young aspiring actress, majoring in Theater Arts in her last semester of school, must overcome mediocrity and learn to take direction in time to be discovered by a talent scout during her final performance. Her new acting coach decides to teach her direction through a non-conventional method: introduction to BDSM. Will Violet have what it takes to learn the art of role playing or will she end up on the “casting couch?”


“Frankly, you frustrate me Violet. I could teach you,” he said and I violetfelt Chase hand grip my wrist and pull it towards him. Something in his face changed from excitement to concern and he let go of me and straightened out his shirt. He sat back in his seat and blew out through pursed lips before he said, “There are rules.”


Without even hiking my jeans and underwear back up, I sat bare assed on the cool leather couch and awaited my punishment. My lower lip was trembling with nervous anticipation. I could feel my breaths coming in short gasps keeping time with Blythe’s quick footsteps as he returned


I loved each sub for who they were, but I wasn’t in love with them. Detaching myself from my subs a little made me a better master. I was more objective and able to exact obedience from them. One look at Violet pushed all of my reservation aside. I wanted to possess her completely and utterly.


Love isn’t easy. It takes courage. There are days when you just want to walk away and call it quits because you feel as raw inside as you do outside, but you don’t go because it would hurt even more,” she said and sighed. I felt the same way. Georgette looked at me for a moment and asked, “Did you want me to make a collar for her?”

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